• Machine bed is manufactured from high quality cast iron.
    • Ergonomically designed for user-friendly operation.
    • Three axes CNC grinder with the two grinding wheel spindles, for parts requiring high concentricity accuracy.
    • Suitable for grinding, internal straight hole, end face, internal chamfering angle, internal circular angle internal taper and internal step, etc.
    • Automatic loading and unloading.
    • Slides move on roller type linear guide ways for increasing smoothness & stable for movement.
    • Flexible grinding spindle combination & custom-made cycles are available.
    • Saved repetitive work piece setup and handing time.
    • Defined parameters into columns for setting various grinding conditions.
    • Feed axis is equipped with optical scale to upgrade positioning accuracy.
    • Crash detector shall be installed.
    • Bearing type work spindle can be used together with various jigs


Power CapacityPower 220V Control Circuit 24VDC

  • Liner scale (for X Axis)
  • Grinding Wheel and Flage
  • Diamond Tool Holder(Table Mounted)
  • Tools and Kits
  • Carbide Tipped Work Centres
  • Coolant Equipment
  • Hydraulic Tank
  • Work Lamp
  • Internal Grinding Attachment
  • Cam Locked Driving Dogs
  • Work Holder
  • 2 Point Steady Rest
  • Air Gap & Crash detector
  • Adjustable 3-jaw Scroll Chuck
  • In Process Gauge
  • Dynamic Wheel Balancer
  • Magnetic and Paper Filter
Grinding Capacity
Grinding Max. OD. Ø 200 mm
Grinding Max. ID. Ø 150 mm
Z Axis (ID) G.W.
Spindle OD. Ø 90 mm
G.W. Linear Speed 45 m/s
G.W. Spindle Speed (8000 rpm * opt) 10000~50000 rpm
OD.*W*ID Ø 355*38*Ø 127mm
G.W. Linear Speed 45 m/s
Working Table
Rapid Moving 10 m/min
Min.Setting Value 0.001 mm
B Axis/Workhead
Turning Angle 0°~+15° deg
Centres MT 6
Spindle Speed 30-1000 rpm
Workhead Load Cap.(incl. Chuck) 35(
ax. Length: 150 mm) kgs
Z Axis Spindle 2.25(4P)kw
Y Axis Spindle 3.75(4P)kw
Workhead Spindle 0.75 kw
(B Axis) Turing Plate 0.75 kw
(X Axis) Feeding Slider 1.8 kw
(Z Axis) Feeding Slider 1.8 kw
(Y Axis) Feeding Slider 1.8 kw
Hydraulic Pump 0.75(6P) kw
Coolant Pump 0.375(4P) kw
Hydraulic Type
Ball Screw Lubricatior LHL
Linear Slider Lubrication LHL
Power Supplier
Machine Size
Machine Dimensions (L*w*H) 3800*2000*3200 mm
CNC Controller FANUC (Oi-TD)