• Machine bed is manufactured from high quality cast iron.
    • Ergonomically designed for user-friendly operation.
    • Three axes CNC grinder with the two grinding wheel spindles, for parts requiring high concentricity accuracy.
    • Suitable for grinding, internal straight hole, end face, internal chamfering angle, internal circular angle internal taper and internal step, etc.
    • Automatic loading and unloading.
    • Slides move on roller type linear guide ways for increasing smoothness & stable for movement.
    • Flexible grinding spindle combination & custom-made cycles are available.
    • Saved repetitive work piece setup and handing time.
    • Defined parameters into columns for setting various grinding conditions.
    • Feed axis is equipped with optical scale to upgrade positioning accuracy.
    • Crash detector shall be installed.
    • Bearing type work spindle can be used together with various jigs


  • Liner scale (for X Axis)
  • Grinding Wheel and Flage
  • Diamond Tool Holder(Table Mounted)
  • Tools and Kits
  • Carbide Tipped Work Centres
  • Coolant Equipment
  • Hydraulic Tank
  • Work Lamp
  • Internal Grinding Attachment
  • Cam Locked Driving Dogs
  • Work Holder
  • 2 Point Steady Rest
  • Air Gap & Crash detector
  • Adjustable 3-jaw Scroll Chuck
  • In Process Gauge
  • Dynamic Wheel Balancer
  • Magnetic and Paper Filter
Grinding Capacity Ø 6~150mm
Max.workpiece length Ø 150mm
Swivel over table dia. Ø 520mm
inside chuck guard swivel Ø 320 mm
Max. table traverse 540 mm
Max. table feed speed Z-axis 5 m/min
Spindle speed (8000 rpm*opt) 0~550 rpm
X-axis feed speed 5 m/min
X-axis minimum travel unit 0.001 mm
Y-axis minimum travel unit
Workhead swivel Forward 8° ~ Backward 7°
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 60 L
Workhead motor 1HP, 4P (Inverter)
Hydraulic pump motor 1HP, 4P
Grinding wheel motor 2HP, 2P (Inverter)
Coolant pump motor 1/8 HP, 4P
X-axis servo motor 1.8 kw
Y-axis servo motor
Z-axis servo motor 1.8 kw
Machine weight 2300 kgs
Machine dimensions (W*L*H) 2400*1580*1900 mm