Discovering the meaning of value

To derive new possibilities and to view old difficulties from a new angle marks real advancement in technology. 

STM has become synonymous with precision machinery

Our two and a half decades journey has constantly been about discovering new ways and means to make technology affordable. When we make technology more affordable and accessible, we make the Indian dream of “Make in India” more achievable. And that is exactly what we do at STM.

World Class Technology Solution

STM offers innovative as well as world class technology solutions.Years of design and development and refining techniques has resulted in cost-effective machining centers and grinding solutions with absolute new aesthetics, superior performance, and uncompromising quality.  

Industry Application

Industry Application

Our STM machines are capable of serving all kinds of industrial applications. For example, STM VL 850 can be given to aerospace, die and mould, food processing, textile, and agriculture because all features or options required for these applications are standard in this machine model. 

Feel the Quality

Customer Service

At S&T Machinery, we’ve adopted a customer-responsive culture that encourages our service team members to put customers’ needs on priority and come out with effective solutions as quickly as possible.

This combination of speed and accuracy improves overall productivity at clients’ site and creates delightful customer experiences.

Customer Testimonial

Instant Energy

Prestigious Clients

With a dedicated team, well-established infrastructure, nationwide sales and service network, and above all with a corporate integrity, we have served clients from all over India and some of the South East Asian countries. Our endeavor to add more such prestigious names to our clientele list continues.  

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Women Empowerment in S&T Machinery

Facing the current challenges, women can achieve greater recognitions and become spectacular leaders. Addressing and interacting with our talented women team on