• MSL – 160 is designed in box type structure to make machine more compact. Box type structure delivers best dynamic accuracy and durability. The base is equipped with coolant and chip proof design. Its wide internal space along with high rigidity structure, ensures long life of machine accurancy.


    • High rigidity and high-precision spindle design, with fine-quality bearings, is good for high-speed high-precision machining. The latest labyrinth seal waterproof design prevents the cutting fluid from entering into the spindle, ensuring spindle’s long-life.


    • MSL series use high-quality ball screw: Such ballscrew has both ends fixed and the central transmission torque tested rigorously for many times, making sure no torque deformation happens. ballscrews can have longer usage time and high precision.


    • Linear tooling technology eliminates the tool changing time, this increasing the productivity.


Processing Scope
Swing over bed diameter
Saddle Surface Diameter Ø 190 mm
Max process diameter Ø 180 mm
Spindle bar through hole diameter Ø 45 mm
Max process length 160 (with chuck)mm
X axis travel 310+10 mm
X axis horse-power 1.5 kw
Z axis travel 190 mm
Z axis horse-power 1.5 kw
X axis rapid feed 24 m/min
Z axis rapid feed 30 m/min
X axis feed rate 8 m/min
Z axis feed rate 10 m/min
ballscrew Ø 32*10 mm
Track type X:30 type roller Z:30 type roller
Spindle Speed 5000 rpm
spindle nose A2-5 asa
chuck Specification 42 type collect chuck inch
Spindle through hole diameter Ø 56 mm
Spindle horse power 5.5/7.5 kw
Spindle bearing hole diameter Ø 80
Turret type Linear tooling type
Tool storage capacity 5
Outer diameter cutter size 20*20 mm
Boring tool size Ø 20
Tailstock movement 200 mm
Mandrel travel 75 mm
Mandrel taper 4 mt
Tailstock mandrel diameter Ø 75 mm
Tailstock Fixed mode manual operation
Lathe center drive mode Hydraulic pressure
Hydralic Pressure
Hydralic tank capcity 40 liter
Hydralic PUMP horse-power 1 hp
Max oil pressure 30 kg/cm2
Automatic lubrication 0.1 kw
Cooling pump 0.5 kw
Machine Dimension
length 2760 mm
Width 1665 mm
Height 1910 mm
Weight 3200 Kg
  • 8” ( 10”) Hydraulic chuck (Taiwan made,
    incl, hard jaws and soft jaws 1 set each)
  • Coolant system
  • Removable coolant tank
  • Leveling bolts and pads
  • Lubrication system
  • MT-5 live center x 1
  • Work lamp
  • Foot switch for hydraulic chuck
  • Spare parts lists / Operation
  • Maintenance and Electrical Manual
  • Chip conveyor and chip cart
  • Hydraulic tailstock system
  • Programmable tailstock system
  • Parts catcher
  • Pneumatic automatic door
  • Foot switch for tailstock
  • Manual tool length measurement
  • Automatic tool length measurement
  • EMC CE Safety package
  • Oil skimmer
  • Transformer
  • High pressure coolant pump
  • Automatic bar feeder
  • Anti-crash safety clutch
  • Grease lubrication system
  • 3-color pilot lamp