Our annual maintenance contracts (AMC) are a great way to safeguard your CNC Machines against untimely and costly repairs and ensure that it runs with maximum efficiency.

  • Site readiness visit before installation – STM Engineers visit a customer’s factory before installing to analyse the site readiness and prepare the factory for installation.
  • Installation & commissioning – After readiness of site is assessed, STM Engineers install machinery and commissions the product.

  • Application & controller training – Our services do not end there, after installation STM Engineers offer application and controller training to the factory staff and answer queries on the functionality of the product.

  • Tooled up support based on the order – STM Engineers are available to support customers with regards to fixing the machine.

  • Periodical maintenance training to operators – STM offers periodical maintenance training to operators of the machine to minimise downtime, to increase production and overall promote goodwill between STM and customers.

  • Preventive maintenance – At STM, we believe that even before a problem arises there are many things that can be done to prevent damage or dysfunction in a machine. Our regular checks and maintenance training to operators ensures that the machines are running well, and production is constant throughout the year.

  • Technical guidance over phone call to save machine idle time – STM offers prompt guidance to customers over the phone to save machine idle time and offer customers valuable information during crucial working hours.

  • Breakdown calls support – STM Engineers offer immediate breakdown services to help customers get the machine up and running. This ensures that customers can continue to produce with minimal downtime.
  • Machine health checkup & spares life estimation – We do regular machine health checkups to prevent machine breakdown. Our spares life estimation allows customers to make important decisions about how and when to change their spares.
  • Preventive maintenance with remainder follow-up – STM regularly follows up with customers regarding their machine, reminding them of the next service for their machinery.
  • Machine feasibility study – STM conducts a feasibility report to find out if it is possible for customers to achieve a solution given certain constraints.
  • Turnkey solutions – Our turnkey solutions are ready-to-go, full package solutions which are easily deployed or implemented for the customer.
  • Process optimization – STM adjusts processes to optimize specific parameters without violating any constraints.
  • Component Prove Out – We verify if the program is correct, and the CNC machine is setup correctly so that there will be no problems when the g-code is run for the first time.
  • Programming support – We offer programming support to our customers to avoid hiccups while actual functioning.
  • Productivity improvement – STM engineers help customers to better productivity by using functions available on the machine.
  • On-site training – STM engineers offer on-site training to customers to understand the intricate functioning of their machine.
Mr.Kannan Technical guidance support from HO
Service Support
Ms.Sneha For both warranty and non-warranty spare parts
Spares Support

Technical Training

STM’s technology centers are located at Chennai and Faridabad. Our technology centres have a selection of machines with which customers receive expert guidance. It is also a place where STM representatives create awareness on effective utilization of machines.

Service and Support Inquiry